Exclusive: Listen to the mysterious main theme for ‘Deathloop’

Tom Salta's score has inspirations from psychedelic and progressive rock, and Nordic ambiences, and is of course very loopable

Ahead of the launch of time-looping first-person shooter Deathloop for PS5 and PC on September 14, NME has the exclusive premiere of the game’s main theme.

‘Welcome to Blackreef’ comes from award-winning composer Tom Salta, whose work has featured in film, television, as well as video games, with credits for popular series like WolfensteinHalo, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, and the main theme for PUBG Battlegrounds.

Listen to Deathloop‘s main theme below:


“The Deathloop Main Theme is the foundation for the entire score and so I aimed to create a very ‘loop-able’ and memorable idea with a unique palette of sounds inspired by the music and soundtracks of the late ’60s,” Salta told NME.

“The theme evokes the sense of a mysterious time loop, starting and ending with a clock ticking; then with the use of four simple chords, it evolves into a tapestry of colourful instruments including Rhodes, vibraphone, farfisa, cinematic brass, bass and drums. It also features the dreamy vocals of Aeralie Brighton.”

The 60s inspiration is present in Deathloop‘s aesthetic, from the fashion to the Bond-style theme song ‘Déjà Vu’ that was revealed in a gameplay trailer earlier this year, although there are even more influences present.

“Moving from a hazy, mysterious atmosphere to palpable tension to the most exhilarating fights, Tom Salta’s original score carries Deathloop‘s gameplay with great dynamism and vivacity,” said Arkane Studios’ audio director Michel Trémouiller.

“From the ground up, Blackreef Island owes much of its identity to Tom’s themes and original compositions, which feature a wide range of styles: psychedelic and progressive rock, Nordic ambiences, 60’s swing band, cinematic orchestral music…Tom was able to do it all with a unique vision and distinctive flair!”


Deathloop also received a final story trailer shown at PlayStation Showcase 2021 last night (September 9), which also revealed Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic – Remake as a PS5 console exclusive, while Insomniac also teased Marvel’s Wolverine.