‘Fable’ creator Peter Molyneux aims to “push boundaries” of blockchain gaming

Making a legacy for himself?

Games industry veteran, Peter Molyneux, has announced a new game that he reckons will “push the boundaries of blockchain gaming”.

On his blog, Molyneux discussed Legacy – his new game. He called it “a creative entrepreneur’s dream come true,” adding that it’s “an opportunity for players to build their very own business.” Further reinforcing the level of ambition, Molyneux also described opportunities to design your own products from a “huge array of possibilities”. The end result? To create a business empire “the likes of which the world has never seen!”.

Best known for being the creator of Fable and Black & White, Peter Molyneux has previously had very lofty ambitions surrounding games. That included releasing Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube?. It was a mobile game that had players across the world tapping at a cube until every block was revealed. The final player to tap the cube was meant to receive a “life-changing” reward. Things did not go to plan though due to Molyneux’s studio 22cans’ previous game, Godus, being a flop.


Legacy aims to allow players to own a “Land NFT” so they can “start [their] own in-game blockchain business association in Legacy“. As part of the plan, 22cans will also launch LegacyCoin, a cryptocurrency that will form the game’s economy.

The blog explains that, “this new cryptocurrency has many uses, from acquiring Legacy Keys for lending to trading within the game economy, acquiring exclusive game item NFTs and many more exciting and innovative utilities yet to be revealed.”

The “creative entrepreneur’s dream come true” will launch sometime in 2022. Players will be able to trade “anything and everything” with other players, as well as compete in in-game competitions and events.

In other gaming news, Halo Infinite will finally get a much requested-Slayer playlist from tomorrow (Tuesday December 14).

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