Factory management sim ‘Good Company’ launches on PC next month

The game launched in early access in 2020

Publisher The Irregular Corporation has announced its factory management simulation game Good Company will release on June 21 for PC.

From developer Chasing Carrots, the in-depth management game is about building a trail-blazing tech corporation will be leaving early access for a full release next month.

The 1.0 version release will bring several upgrades including co-op multiplayer for up to four players, a complete campaign with two new missions, new products and module types, reworked levels and balancing, and more.


You can check out the gameplay trailer below:

In Good Company, players will be set up to build their own business from a scrappy upstart to the best tech corporation in the country. “Getting there won’t be easy – entrepreneurs will need to be savvy about managing staff, optimizing supply chains, and finding new ways to keep the cash flowing,” the synopsis reads.

Inspired by the spirit of Silicon Valley, the game features a complex production loop mechanic, allowing players to expand new buildings, improve efficiency with zone management, work policies, and fully automated machines. Players will also be able to design new tech products and earn a profit, expanding their business further.

Ranked missions and bonus challenge levels will also be available in campaign mode that follows the story of a local entrepreneur determined to save the economy of their home county. There’s also a Freeplay mode that will let players “carve their own path.”

Good Company will be available on Epic Games StoreSteam, and GOG for £19.99.


In other news, the open-world sandbox title Tchia has been delayed to 2023. Developer Awaceb recently announced the news, saying, “This extra time will allow us to really polish every aspect of the game and flesh out all the little details that we know will make Tchia a really special experience.”

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