‘Fall Guys’ challenges allow players to earn a skin in ‘Fortnite’

The event will run until July 11

Fortnite and Fall Guys are having a crossover event to celebrate the latter going free-to-play on the Epic Games Store.

After acquiring Mediatonic and its platformer battle royale Fall Guys, Epic Games has wasted no time in using its most well-known IP to promote its newest one. By completing challenges in Fall Guys, players will be able to earn rewards in Fortnite.

In order to unlock the biggest prize, the Major Mancake skin, one will have to complete all Crown Clash challenges available in Fall Guys. These challenges simply require you to play a certain number of games, ranging from 20 to 100 to unlock all the available rewards.


In addition to the Major Mancake skin, the Sweet Clementine pickaxe, Waffler black bling, Stacked With Love emote and Stacked! spray will be unlocked if all challenges are completed. It’s rare for a skin to be given away in Fortnite so Epic is certainly trying to promote their newest acquisition.

Fortnite has had many collaborations in the past, for example with The Walking Dead, Marvel and DC Comics. Their most recent collaboration with Fall Guys is an example of an in-house collaboration between different Epic Games IPs, something that may become more common in the future as Epic expands its holdings.

Completing Crown Clash challenges will also net the player rewards in Rocket League, another Epic-owned game. These rewards include a player banner, topper, wheels, animated decal and rocket boost.

The event will run until July 11, giving players approximately 12 days to play 100 rounds of Fall Guys.

In other gaming news, the creator of the Monkey Island series Ron Gilbert has said he won’t be sharing anything else about the game following “personal attacks” made against him.

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