‘Fall Guys’ set to collaborate with Hatsune Miku in space-themed Season 2

The beans will also team-up with ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Alien’

Fall Guys Season 2 has just been announced as a journey into space in the aptly named Satellite Scramble, and sees the beans collaborating with the likes of Star Trek, Alien, and virtual persona Hatsune Miku.

A new cinematic trailer has revealed Satellite Scramble with new content on the way including a new season pass with costumes and space-themed rounds to battle through with the aim of holding the crown at the end of the hit battle royale.

The residents of the Blunderdome will leave their planet for the first time and explore intergalactic courses, with new challenges to be added. A launch event is planned for the arrival of Season 2: Satellite Scramble which will take place on September 15 and is called Satellite Explorers.


Players will be tasked with repairing the Fall Guys satellite by collecting points, with a series of new rewards including in-game currency Kudos, a pattern, a nameplate, a nickname and a backpack costume item all available to attain.

One new level style, Tiptoe Finale, sees up to four squads tiptoeing their way across a series of unstable platforms to reach the crown in the middle of the arena to claim victory. In Starchart, beans will have to use a selection of buttons to reveal the correct invisible path towards the finish line, using secret signals in the stars to figure out the right way.

Pixel Painters is another new level format which has players hopping on tiles to light up the correct pattern, whilst the Cosmic Highway is a moving platformer which will drop players into the void if incorrectly navigated. While no specific details are available yet, a blog on the Fall Guys website also states that ion thrusters, hover platforms and “Trolleybots” are also going to be added to the game in Season 2.

The blog also states that other “space themed spectacles” are “not quite yet ready” but with confirmation that Fall Guys is collaborating with the likes of Alien, Star Trek and Hatsune Miku, it shouldn’t be long before more information is available.

In other news, a Nintendo Direct has been announced for tomorrow (September 13), but out of respect to Queen Elizabeth II, it will not be streamed live in the UK.

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