‘Fall Guys’ celebrates free-to-play launch with bizarre Skegness marketing stunt

'Fall Guys' has left its mark on Skegness forever

To celebrate Fall Guys going free on the Epic Store, the game’s marketing team organised a bizarre marketing stunt in the English seaside town of Skegness.

In a video released on Twitter, the Fall Guys team revealed the extent of their activities in Skegness. The promotion is accompanied throughout by a lovely rendition of the game’s theme from a string trio which is revealed at the end of the video during the finale.

Starting from the top, it would appear the team brought at least four life-sized Fall Guys suits to Skegness, which can be seen scampering up the pier. Then, a sign was placed on Skegness’s beach leading interested parties to the highlight of the promotion, the official Fall Guys sponsored bench. You can watch the video below:


According to the video, the bench is a 53-minute walk from the beach itself and appears to be in the middle of a green area. The bench has a plaque with “The Official Bench of Fall Guys, Sit for free from 2022” emblazoned on it.

What’s more, they held an official unveiling ceremony with the Mayor of Skegness, Tony Tye, who looked positively beaming to be there.

In an exchange in the reply tweets, developer Mediatonic replied “…I am so bewildered that I can’t even comprehend my own thoughts” to which the Fall Guys official Twitter replied, “you gave me a ‘meme budget’ lol.”

Fall Guys recently went free-to-play exclusively on the Epic Games Store following the latter’s acquisition of developers Mediatonic. Consequently, the game was delisted from Steam as a result.

In other news, according to Cuphead co-creator Maja Moldenhauer, five years after the game launched there are still Easter eggs that players haven’t located.