‘Fall Guys’ teases ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ crossover news with Eminem parody

It's been confirmed that Sonic is coming to 'Fall Guys'

Bean-based obstacle course battle royale game Fall Guys has finally teased more about its crossover with Sega’s blue blur Sonic The Hedgehog.

After months of leaks surrounding what the crossover will offer, the official Fall Guys Twitter account has teased the crossover itself. Yesterday (August 8) the Twitter account parodied Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ as part of the announcement with the line “Guess who’s back, back again, Sonic’s back, with his friends.”


A number of leaks regarding this Fall Guys and Sonic The Hedgehog crossover have made their way online in recent months, but this announcement is the first official teaser in awhile. A Sonic costume was added in 2020, and this year’s Sonic Central stream confirmed the crossover, saying it arrives this August.

Fall Guys is no stranger to big crossovers, as it’s recently added limited-time Godzilla cosmetics, a crossover with Microsoft’s Halo, Super Monkey Ball, Ratchet And Clank and even The Jungle Book amongst many others.

Beyond starring in Fall Guys, Sonic’s open-world debut in Sonic Frontiers is set to launch at an unspecified date this year. Job openings even indicate that a “narrative driven” mobile platformer is on the way for Sonic as well.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. Credit: Mediatonic

As for Fall Guys, the colourful battle royale game is set to be one title at this month’s YouTube: Game On show, which will let viewers interact with streamers and game’s in a live environment.

“This fully interactive livestream celebrates the diversity of gaming content that makes up YouTube gaming culture – from entertaining gaming challenges and surprise gameplay moments to honouring classic game anniversaries – all of which are inspired by the most popular trends on the platform,” explained YouTube.


In other news, publisher Take-Two has said that it wants Grand Theft Auto 6 to set a “creative benchmark” for the series and video games as a whole.

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