Bethesda is working on the next five years of ‘Fallout 76’ content

“We've got a lot of fun, cool stuff that I can't wait to tell people about”

The design director for Fallout 76, Mark Tucker, has explained that the development team is planning on a five-year roadmap that Tucker himself is working on.

Fallout 76 launched back in October 2018 for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4, and it wasn’t necessarily what the fans were expecting from the series at first.

While it had a rocky launch, it’s been well supported by Bethesda, and Tucker acknowledged this in the interview with AusGamers, saying “It’s a very different game these days from where it was when it launched. We’re looking at what our players are doing, what they’re asking for. We try to react as best we can to player feedback and address the things that they’re trying to do and wanting to do.”


On the future of the game, Tucker said: “The funny thing is if I could share what’s on this other monitor right here, you would love to see it because it’s a five-year roadmap that I’m working on.” He added: “We have long term plans, and things get a little fuzzier the further we go out because we adjust and adapt as things show up and we see what players want and what they’re doing.”

Season 8 of Fallout 76 saw UFOs filled with aliens arriving in the game, and there are things like robot arena fights due this Summer according to the current roadmap, as well as a chance to go back to a location last seen in Fallout 3 called “The Pitt”, which is coming much later this year along with a new region boss.

Tucker wanted to be clear, saying “The message to our players is, there should be no reason to think that we’re not going to continue updating this game. We have things that we’re doing to ensure that we can continue producing updates for the game for a long period of time. We’ve got a lot of fun, cool stuff that I can’t wait to tell people about. Stuff that’s beyond this year.”

That said, it seems the first three years are more clearly planned right now, with Tucker explaining that “The three-year roadmap is a lot more understood and known, at five-years it gets a little more fuzzy.”


Elsewhere, the planned Nintendo Switch port of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire has been cancelled, though the developer has given no explanation as to why.

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