‘Fallout 76”s ‘Nuclear Winter’ battle royale mode ending in September

It’s about to get nuked

Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter battle royale mode is leaving the game in September, with developers citing a lack of interest from players.

In the latest Bethesda developer update post, it was revealed that the team is “planning to sunset Nuclear Winter Mode in an update coming this September”.

Nuclear Winter Mode was Fallout 76’s battle royale mode, where players would compete to see who would be the last left standing.


The decision appears to have been made on the basis of several “challenges” but also due to a lack of player interest.

“When we first introduced Nuclear Winter, we were thrilled to watch so many players from our community, as well as many newcomers, dive headfirst into our take on the ruthless last-player-standing Battle Royale genre,” read the post.

“Over time, however, we’ve seen the vast majority of players prefer to explore other aspects of the game.”

The team also referred to the challenges of supporting Nuclear Winter Mode, saying “it has also become tougher to put full lobbies together”, leading to less-than-optimal waiting times.

It was also revealed that the team has made the decision to focus their efforts on developing updates for the rest of the game.

Bethesda addressed fans of the mode in their post, saying: “We know that some of you are incredibly passionate about Nuclear Winter, and that you may find this news disappointing. Ending support for the mode was a difficult decision, and not one that we made lightly.”


“We’re still working to provide methods of PVP combat for those who enjoy squaring off against other former Vault Dwellers, and a little later this year, we will release details on how we plan to offer players even more ways to play Fallout 76.”

“Additionally, we’re going to compensate everyone who participated in Nuclear Winter, from those who only joined a single match to our most battle-hardened Overseers.”

The statement confirmed that Nuclear Winter Mode players will be rewarded with six Perk Coins per Overseer Rank they achieved, and one Perk Coin for each Overseer Ticket they earned.

Nuclear Winter-themed pennants will also be given to anyone who completed at least one match.

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