“‘Fallout’-style” RPG from New Blood has classic ‘Fallout’ veterans attached

A few familiar faces are involved with the project

The “Fallout-style RPG” that New Blood Interactive CEO Dave Oshry briefly teased last week involves personnel that Fallout fans will be familiar with.

New Blood Interactive spoke mostly about its existing games during Summer of Games 2022, but Oshry did tease a few upcoming projects that the studio is working on. These projects include a “top-down shooter” that looks reminiscent of Hotline Miami, a car combat game, and finally the aforementioned “Fallout-style” RPG.


The proceeding tweets revealed more information about the game. Described as a “retro futurist isometric CRPG”, the project features Oshry himself, developer Adam Lacko, artist Alexander Berezin and composer Mark Morgan.

These names may be recognisable to fans of the Fallout series as each of these individuals has been involved with the series in some respect, except Oshry himself. Lacko was the man behind Project Van Buren, an attempt to revive the original Fallout 3 which was cancelled in 2003 by Black Isle Studios. Berezin, known as Red888guns, worked on the massive Fallout Sonora mod for Fallout 2. Morgan worked as a composer on the original two Fallout games, as well as titles like Wasteland.

This new RPG has been described as a passion project between Oshry, Lacko and Berezin. In an interview with PC Gamer, Oshry described Berezin and Morgan as his “dream artist” and “dream composer” respectively. He also said the game is a long way off and New Blood probably shouldn’t be teasing it but he’s gladdened by how excited people are.

New Blood also revealed some morsels of information about the other two unknown titles. The top-down shooter has been in development for a long time and will feature hand-crafted levels, a level editor, co-op play and most New Blood characters will be in it. We also got to see a little snippet of the car combat game and one of its characters, The Postman.

In other news, the original N64 version of Pokémon Snap is coming to Nintendo Switch Online for expansion pack subscribers. 

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