Fan-designed ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ LEGO set to get official release

The set comprises of 700 pieces that come together to create scenes from the franchise's Green Hill Zone

Sonic the Hedgehog is getting its first LEGO set after fans voted for the design on the LEGO Ideas website.

On Thursday (February 4) LEGO added an official update to the set’s LEGO Ideas page, confirming that they would be making the Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone project their next LEGO ideas set.

The design comprises of 700 pieces that come together to create scenes from the franchise’s Green Hill Zone, including an Egg Robot Mech, various badniks, an iconic loop, and a Sonic minifig.


The proposal was submitted to LEGO Ideas, a site that allows fans to create their own sets, and submit them for approval. If a set receives more than 10,000 votes, it is then considered for release as an official brick set.

The Green Hill Zone kit was initially submitted to the site in February 2019 by user toastergirl aka Viv Grannell. Over the year, it gathered support until LEGO confirmed that it had been officially selected for review in March 2020.

The set will not be exactly as pictured, and will undergo review by LEGO to make it a reality. This marks the first time the character has been in a LEGO set since his inclusion in LEGO Dimensions in 2016.

The release of this set will see Sonic joining his former rival Mario, who has his own range of LEGO sets available currently.

The Mario sets, which feature an interactive Mario figure with an LED screen, received an updated range in January this year. The 15 new sets included the large “Master Your Adventure” which allowed for builders to customise their sets further.