Fans annoyed as it’s revealed ‘Gran Turismo 7’ cars may cost up to £160 in credits

It's also now impossible to sell off the cars in your own collection

Gran Turismo 7 was released today (March 4) and with it came a first hand look at the extent of microtransactions in the game.

While nothing is behind a paywall (credits can be earned by completing races), Gran Turismo 7 does give players the opportunity to purchase credits to buy better vehicles.

There are four packs of credits available on the PlayStation Store. For £1.99, players can get 100,000 credits while £15.99 will net you 2million credits.


As it stands, the most expensive car available in the Legends Car area of the World Map will set you back 3million credits (around £28) but these exist on rotation.

And according to Eurogamer, Sony’s State Of Play from earlier this year showed a 1929 Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer with a price tag of 20million credits could be spotted, which would work out at just under £160 if paid using microtransactions.

To make things worse, unlike in past Gran Turismo games, it’s now impossible to sell off the cars in your own collection.

Some fans aren’t happy about the microtransactions in Gran Turismo 7, while others don’t see the problem.

“Not buying this piece of shit lmao. I had some hope that GT7 would be alright but nah, sneaking microtransactions in after reviews to get higher scores,” wrote one fan.


“So, in order to get the full GT7 experience, players need:
$70 for the game
$$$ for high-speed internet (the game can’t be played offline)
$$$ for microtransactions. I’m skipping this game,” added another.

“Some people are trying really hard to make a massive issue out of microtransactions in Gran Turismo 7 when in reality literally everything can be bought with in-game credits. Nothing is locked behind a paywall. Nothing to see here, move along,” argued one player.

Another said: “So what if GT7 offers credits for money. You’d be an idiot to drop £50 on credits to buy a car. The whole point of GT is to work from the bottom, win races and progress to the higher end cars. Has been that way for 25 years.”

In a four-star review of the game, NME wrote:Gran Turismo 7 is the ultimate driving simulator for car enthusiasts, but it’s also a brilliant introduction to the importance of car culture for automobile newcomers. If only it didn’t have those sneaky microtransactions that feel completely at odds with the driving spirit of the game…”

It was also announced today that PlayStation has halted sales of the game in Russia, following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.