Fans are using Windows 11 to run PC games on mobile – yes, even ‘Crysis’

'Left 4 Dead', 'GTA IV' and 'Rocket League' also work

Microsoft‘s Windows 11 is already paving the way for interesting fan projects, as developers are running PC games on mobile phones through a leaked version of the OS.

YouTuber edi194 uploaded a video showing the process of installing Windows 11 on a OnePlus 6T at the end of last month (June 28). The process strips the native Android operating system, and replaces it with Windows’ unreleased OS.

Designed with PCs, tablets and laptops in mind, enthusiasts have figured out that Windows 11 supports ARM processors. The new OS is well optimised for Snapdragon chipsets, which are common in mobile devices.


It didn’t take long for developers to experiment with games, which provided some interesting results. It would seem many of the developers had trouble running video games released in the last few years, however the likes of Left 4 Dead, GTA IV and even Rocket League (albeit the 32-bit version) worked on the OnePlus 6T.

The most surprising of the tests revealed that the OnePlus 6T with Windows 11 could run Crysis. Once considered the holy grail of PC gaming and benchmarking, Crysis is notoriously difficult to run because of its reliance on single-thread rather than multi-thread processors found in CPUs.

However, it doesn’t run Crysis particularly well, managing an admirable 15-20fps on low to medium settings. With the wrong CPU, even some modern PC set-ups might have trouble running the demanding first-person shooter.

Developers working on the Windows 11 project have collated their findings into a single spreadsheet, with a breakdown of performance, resolution, images and videos.


Elsewhere, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown was announced yesterday (July 6) during the Nacon Connect conference.

The last game in the series was released 10 years ago, and the new entry will be based on Hong Kong Island.

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