‘Far Cry 6’ Danny Trejo mission has been released early

But it’s being pulled from the game

A Far Cry 6 update has added a new mission featuring Hollywood star Danny Trejo – but Ubisoft is already pulling the mission after it was released early.

Ubisoft has confirmed that it accidentally released new Far Cry 6 content before it was intended, with a “work-in-progress” version of an upcoming new mission making its way into the game.

The mission, featuring Danny Trejo, is being removed as part of a title update, to be released on Tuesday November 3 on PC, consoles, Stadia and Luna versions of the game.


“The Dani & Danny vs Everybody mission is a work-in-progress and was accidentally released early,” said Ubisoft in a statement (via VGC). “We’re working to remove it and look forward to when players can check out the final version.”

“We apologize for any confusion caused and will follow up shortly with more information.”

The upcoming Far Cry 6 title update also includes a number of bug fixes and game improvements, including:

  • New Daily and Weekly Challenges added.
  • (Available November 9) New Special Operation: Los Tres Santos.
  • The title sequence can now be skipped like other cinematics.
  • Corrected numerous subtitles and updated colour-blind mode to fix issues for players with deuteranopia.
  • Fixed an issue with autosaves which could cause a death loop.

A full list of updates can be found in the official patch notes.

The upcoming patch weighs in at between 14GB and 20GB on Xbox Series X|S, while on Xbox One it’s between 13GB and 19GB. The PS4 version weighs in between 49GB and 60 GB and around 90 GB on PS5. On PC it’s 54GB with an extra 47GB for the HD Texture Pack.


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