‘Far Cry 6’ drops two new trailers and shares new release date

Time to join the resistance

Ubisoft has released two new trailers for Far Cry 6, providing more story and gameplay details for the Caribbean-set open world shooter.

While the first teaser last year introduced the game’s antagonist Antón Castillo played by Giancarlo Esposito, the latest focuses on the the player’s character Dani Rojas.

The first trailer introduces players to Dani, who joins the resistance against Castillo’s despotic regime in the Caribbean nation of Yara.


In a departure from the previous instalment, Dani’s character is not only fully voiced but the gameplay also swaps from first-person to third-person perspective during story sequences and other certain actions.

In the second trailer, in-game ally Juan Cortez narrates the ‘rules’ of guerrilla warfare players will be able to use against Castillo’s military forces. The trailer also ends confirming Far Cry 6‘s release date as October 7.

The gameplay shown features a mixture of stealth and explosive combat, including some over-the-top DIY weapons, including a gun firing out CDs playing ‘Macarena’.

The island of Yara features a variety of environments from the oceans and jungles to urban areas like the capital city. Players will also be able to get around in different ways from riding horses to driving specially customised vehicles.


While Dani’s character is depicted as a woman in the trailers, it was also confirmed during Ubisoft’s live stream featuring narrative director Navid Khavari that players can choose their gender and customise their appearance before they start the game.

Previously announced for a February release, Far Cry 6 was delayed to make it a game players will “aspire to play”.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Ubisoft had made minimal internal changes following abuse allegations last year, although the company has claimed that “considerable progress” has been made.

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