‘Far Cry 6’ makes a tropical appearance in ‘Uno’

Isn't a revolution just one big reverse card?

Far Cry 6 will appear in Ubisoft‘s digital Uno game, with characters from the recently-released shooter appearing as their very own cards.

The latest Uno DLC (downloadable content), The Call Of Yara, lets the characters and tropical setting of Far Cry 6 take over the card game (thanks, TheXboxHub).

Described as “Uno done the Yaran way”, The Call Of Yara gives protagonist Dani Rojas, and the rest of Far Cry 6‘s recognisable cast, their very own card in the card game.


“Plunge into the unique ambiance of the tropical paradise that is Yara before planning your next coup or whatever guerrillero stuff you have planned. Have you ever called a guerrilla icon to win an UNO game? Now you have!”, reads the store’s page.

As well as the new character cards, the Far Cry 6 Uno DLC also gives the board a tropical twist and adds more resource management for players to keep an eye on. Players can earn Yaran pesos within each match, which can be used to “hire the services of guerrilla icons, such as Dani Rojas or Juan Cortez, to help you win the game”.

It’s worth noting that Far Cry 6 isn’t the first Ubisoft to join this iteration of Uno. There’s also a DLC expansion for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, as well as skins for Just Dance and Rayman.

The Call Of Yara DLC is currently priced at £4.29 on Ubisoft’s store.


In other news, Amazon Game Studios has announced that gold farmers and bots in New World will have their game keys revoked.

Speaking on the issue, Amazon Game Studios has clarified that it is “taking steps to revoke thousands of keys that were fraudulently obtained to disrupt gameplay”, after fans have complained that the MMO is suffering from too many bots.