‘Far Cry 6’ QR codes may be teasing a ‘Far Cry’ survival game

A cryptic video may be a teaser for a Far Cry spin-off

In-game QR codes in Far Cry 6 appear to be teasing some multiplayer projects within the franchise.

Originally spotted by YouTuber JorRaptor (via The Loadout), QR codes present in the game can be scanned with a phone, which then reveal different easter eggs and cryptic videos. The video from JorRaptor showcases where the QR codes can be found in the game, and what they reveal.

A scannable code from a crate in the game leads to a video with a cartoon revolver chamber and what looks to be some sort of in-game map. The map, viewable at around 2:20, has series of what look like badges with animals on them, red arrows, and some temples and landscapes.


Far Cry 6 QR code map
Far Cry 6 QR code map. Credit: Ubisoft/JorRaptor

Then a screen flashes up with what looks like a panther in body armour attacking a man with a gun, which is labelled as an “animal attack”. JorRaptor posits that the red arrows are players, which is interesting as Far Cry 6 and other series titles have only supported two-player co-op, whilst there are three red arrows.

The badges on the map with animals on them may indicate where they can be found, leading to the speculation that the image is teasing some sort of online survival-type Far Cry experience.

This theory is supported when blood splatters over the map screen, only for the red arrows to then turn into skull badges, likely suggesting that the players at those arrows are now dead, after being attacked by one of the animals on the map.

“I think they’re hinting at some sort of battle royale Far Cry game,” says JorRaptor. “Where they are mixing worlds from the previous titles together.”


Another one of the QR codes also teases the upcoming animated Far Cry Netflix show, Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, with some character art, as JorRaptor shows at the start of the video.

In other news, EGX Rezzed will become EGX Birmingham next year, and it’ll also open the door to AAA publishers at the event, not just indie titles.