‘Farming Simulator 22’ attracts more Steam players than ‘Battlefield 2042’

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More Steam players have been choosing to play Farming Simulator 22 over Battlefield 2042, a player-tracking site has revealed.

Farming Simulator 22 has been decidedly more popular than Battlefield 2042 over the weekend, as one Reddit thread has pointed out. At time of writing, SteamDB notes that Farming Simulator 22 has 25,669 players on the game right now. On the other hand, Battlefield 2042 has 22,648.

While the player count between both games is quite tight at the moment, there’s been a bigger gap over the weekend. The 24-hour peak of Farming Simulator 22 sits at just under 95,000, while Battlefield 2042‘s peak pulled in at a distant second, with 52.5 thousand peak players.


Although Battlefield 2042 doesn’t seem to be hugely popular on Steam, it’s worth remembering that EA‘s shooter is also available on Origin, so Steam’s playercount is far from wholly representative of the game’s wider population.

Battlefield 2042 bad reviews
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA.

That being said, there’s a chance that Battlefield 2042 is facing some wider issues that are putting some players off. Recently, players have been hiding in buildings that have no collision boxes to avoid being killed, while the launch of Battlefield 2042 was marred by thousands of negative reviews due to issues with bugs, balance and stability. While a recent patch has reduced weapon bloom and balanced hovercraft, a poor reception has landed the shooter in the top ten worst-reviewed games on Steam.

However, it’s possible that Battlefield 2042 could be set to improve in the coming months. A series of large patches – set to address more of the community’s biggest concerns – are due from December onward. In more community-centric news, one player has managed to create a battle royale mode with Battlefield 2042‘s portal mode.

In other news, Liverpool star Diogo Jota had to leave a FIFA 22 tournament early to go and play a real-life match against Southampton. Jota still managed to bring his favourite game onto the pitch, however, by celebrating his first goal with a gaming-themed pose.

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