‘FIFA 21’ players can now buy individual cosmetics without loot boxes

Following the recent controversy surrounding the game's loot boxes

FIFA 21 players are now able to purchase individual pieces of cosmetics without having to purchase loot boxes.

The new feature was introduced at the start of May, as reported by Eurogamer. On May 1, the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team store was updated to include new home and away kits, a stadium theme and more as individual purchases. The items are also available as a bundle.

The new addition is a drastic change to the FIFA franchise’s long history of purchasing kits and other cosmetics through infamous loot boxes. However, the cosmetic items have been priced rather steeply.


The stadium theme can be purchased for 200 FIFA Points (approximately £1.75), while the player kits cost 300 FIFA Points (around £2.50). The bundle, which includes everything, costs 700 FIFA Points (£6).

The cosmetic items can also be purchased through FUT Coins, which are the in-game currency users earn by playing the game. The stadium will be available for 15,000 FUT Coins, each kit costs 25,000 FUT Coins and the entire bundle will set players back 60,000 FUT Coins.

The new cosmetics purchase system comes shortly after leaked documents last week revealed that EA has allegedly been steering players towards purchasing loot boxes. The leaked 54-page document presentation mentioned that “all roads lead to FUT” and that “we are doing everything we can to drive players there”.

EA swiftly responded to the document leak, affirming players that “decisions to spend are always entirely optional”. It went on to explain that summer is typically a busy time for the FUT community and that new content is usually introduced FUT.