‘FIFA 22’ Team of the Week 10 sees Messi make his in-form debut

Things are about to get Messi

The 10th Team of the Week for FIFA 22 has been revealed, and it features Lionel Messi.

The new items, which will be put into packs at 6PM UK on November 24 feature special upgraded versions of the best performing players of the week. Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi makes his first appearance in the Team of the Week following his first goal for his new club.

Messi’s item sees the Greatest of All Time receive a +1 to his Pace, Shooting, Passing and Dribbling stats, making a player who was already one of the very best options in FIFA 22 even better.


Popular Premier League midfielder, N’golo Kante, also receives his first Team of the Week item following his excellent performance for Chelsea against Leicester, including an incredible solo goal.

FIFA 22 Credit: EA

This week, the full list of players is:

84 – Trapp

86 – Bonucci

86 – Felipe


84 – Mings

82 – Traore

91 – Kante

89 – Kroos

84 – Berghuis

82 – Gouri

94 – Messi

84 – Stindl

This week’s Team of the Week reserves are:

76 – Ronning

81 – Iago

81 -Blanco

81 – Vecchio

81 – Faivre

82 – Pasalic

81 – Benteke

77 – Glenses

79 – Kittel

80 – Stevanovic

77 – Undav

76 – Healey

Players with One to Watch items are also due to receive upgrades, so any players with Berguis or Messi One to Watch items will upgrade automatically within a day or so.

FIFA 22’s Squad Foundations promotion is currently ongoing, with players able to earn special versions of various players across the Liga NOS, the EFL and beyond through a series of objectives and Squad Building Challenges.

Elsewhere, No Man’s Sky is giving players another chance to unlock the Normandy from Mass Effect.