Fight apes and dragons in new trailer for ‘Black Myth: Wukong’

The Chinese-developed game has now upgraded to Unreal Engine 5

Game Science has released a new 12-minute gameplay trailer for Black Myth: Wukong.

Based on the famous Chinese novel Journey To The West with action combat inspired by Dark Souls, the game was first announced this time last year (August 20) with a stunning pre-alpha trailer.

Apart from a second trailer shared earlier this to coincide with Chinese New Year, there hasn’t been more new from the Hangzhou-based studio. But a new trailer taking advantage of Nvidia’s DLSS technology shows that Black Myth: Wukong continues to look visually incredible, while development has move to Unreal Engine 5.


The footage captured in real-time shows shapeshifting Sun Wukong traversing a snowy mountain, with the trailer showcasing two dramatic encounters.

The first of these, after clearing a path of weaker enemies, is another ape who wields a large sword. While Wukong has to make do with a staff, he can also cast spells, such as a ring of fire to protect himself.

Raising the stakes in the second half is a large-scale fight against a white serpent dragon crackling with electricity as it moves around in the air.

Ahead of latest Black Myth: Wukong trailer’s release, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad also shared a thread of work-in-progress clips Game Science were posting, showing some rougher animations, with one highlighting an issue the developer had with maintaining framerate, although another also showed an amusing ability that shrinks a tiger into a kitten.


Elsewhere, a new deep-dive video for Deathloop provides a first look at the game’s multiplayer.

As an optional mode, players can take control of Julianna to invade other players’ campaigns, using the same weapons and powers as protagonist Colt. Killing Julianna will also net rare loot, such as powerful weapons or Residuum that can be used to keep weapons and abilities across loops.

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