Fighting game tournament includes ‘Final Fantasy 14’ “retirement home”

A dedicated room for those who can't resist more 'Final Fantasy 14'

Fighting game tournament CEO 2021 has set aside space for competitors to play Final Fantasy 14 in a “retirement home” room, as the launch of Endwalker is likely to garner attention from gamers across all genres.

As spotted by VG247, CEO 2021 director Alex Jebailey has shared a sneak peek of the tournament. Instead of posting details about the fighting game setup fans may have been expecting, however, Jebailey took to Twitter to share a room he’s dubbed the Final Fantasy 14 retirement room.

Final Fantasy 14 has long been dubbed a retirement home in the fighting game community, as the popular MMO has a tendency to lure tournament regulars away from playing fighting games competitively.


Under the Final Fantasy 14 retirement home sign, a smaller caption reads “the walk ends here, it’s time to come back to fighting games”. The message starts with a reference to Endwalker, the hotly-anticipated Final Fantasy 14 expansion that launches this month. It’s likely that Endwalker will do its own part in luring more competitors away from tournament-level play, as it’s currently fuelling a huge growth in players on the MMO.

Recently, Square Enix admitted that the launch of Endwalker will likely cause problems for players, explaining there will be a “high likelihood of congestion that will result in Worlds reaching maximum login capacity and lengthy wait times when logging in”.

The studio also confirmed that paying players will get login priority over those looking to try the game out with a free trial.

Anyone looking to spend their time productively in the login queues may consider using a browser-based raid simulator to practice their mechanics, as a new site will allow fans to do exactly that.


In other news, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella is the new head of the Battlefield franchise.