Final ‘Doom Eternal’ DLC trailer confirms release date

The Doom Slayer's saga ends here

Bethesda and id Software have released the final trailer for the second DLC pack for Doom Eternal, titled The Ancient Gods Part II.

With the tag line, “Your war against Hell ends here”, the new video also signals the end of the Doom Slayer’s saga that began with the series’ reboot in 2016.

The trailer offers a closer look at the main antagonist, the Dark Lord, as well as what appears to be a spectacular showdown between gods and demons.


There are new features for the Doom Slayer too, who is seen riding into battle on a dragon as well as acquiring a giant hammer called Hellbreaker. The clip also shows what’s set to be a considerable punch-out between armoured mechs.

The trailer concludes to confirm that the Doom Eternal DLC will be available tomorrow (March 18) for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There is currently no news on when the expansion will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

View the full clip below.

The Ancient Gods Part I released last October. Although the DLC is included for players who bought Doom Eternal‘s Deluxe Edition, the expansion is available as a standalone product.

The expansion is not currently available on Xbox Game Pass. Subscribers can however access Doom Eternal, as well as 19 other Bethesda games recently added to the service.


While this expansion apparently concludes the Doom series for now, id Software looks set to continue its usual output as the studio’s next game has already been given an R18+ rating from the Australian Classification Board for “high impact violence”.