‘Final Fantasy 14’ data centre visitors will be called “Travellers”

Players will very soon be able to hop between global data centres

Square Enix has released the patch notes for update 6.18 of Final Fantasy 14 ahead of its full launch this week.

The massively multiplayer online game (MMO) is currently undergoing a period of 24-hour maintenance, with patch 6.18 going live tomorrow on July 5. The patch notes from today (July 4) outline what players can expect from the patch, including a detailed rundown of how data centre transfers will work (via GamesRadar).

According to the patch notes, players will need to select “visit another data centre” from the character selection screen, where they can then select the desired data centre and load into it.


Those travelling to these new data centres will also be given an in-game title to let other players know that they are foreign travellers, as the title “Traveller” will appear on-screen. Players with the title will also find that some activities are inaccessible, such as Disciples of the Land, Retainers, Free Companies, Linkshells and Cross-world Linkshells, Housing, Fellowships, Eternal Bonding and more.

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 players can also now do what they’ve always wanted, and ride a giant Shiba Inu dog mount in the game. Costing £13.80, the mount is called the Megashiba and it comes with new emotes:

A number of adjustments to PvP actions have been made in the upcoming update, alongside the Crystalline Conflict and Frontline, all of which can be explored in the patch notes.

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