‘Final Fantasy 14’ director reaffirms Island Sanctuary will release in patch 6.2

Island Sanctuary was originally set to release with 'Endwalker'

According to the director and producer of Final Fantasy 14, Naoki Yoshida, work on the MMO’s Island Sanctuary system is “progressing well” and will still launch with patch 6.2.

In NME’s interview with Naoki Yoshida, the director discussed the latest patch 6.1 Newfound Adventure and touched on everything from the new Main Scenario questline, the long-awaited Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid, and PvP. On top of that, Yoshida also shared how the development is going on the game’s new land and animal management system, Island Sanctuary.

“Everything is progressing well but since this is content that plays very differently from things we’ve implemented previously, now that Patch 6.1 has been released, I’d like to spend some time taking a closer look by showcasing it in the Letter from the Producer Live for Patch 6.2,” he said.


Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

It’s unclear at this time when the next Letter from the Producer Live broadcast will air, but it’s likely that players can expect an update in May as each live stream is space out on a monthly basis.

So far, the development team has revealed that the system is a casual experience for players to enjoy on the side, and will allow players to raise animals, cultivate the earth, and relax alongside their minions. Island Sanctuary will also be a piece of “large-scale” content separate from the rest of the game.

Square Enix released patch 6.1 – called Newfound Adventure – on April 12 and featured a new storyline which followed the events of the latest expansion Endwalker. In the same interview, Yoshida revealed that the writing team has already completed the patch 6.X series, while the director himself is currently envisioning 7.0.

In other news, Naoki Yoshida has provided an update on Final Fantasy 14‘s new housing lottery system, following reports of ongoing bugs that caused players to unable to claim a house.