‘Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’ gets a music video from Sia

The collaboration comes ahead of Endwalker's release next week

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker, which features a song by Sia, dedicated to the game.

The new trailer features Australian singer Sia performing Fly Me To The Moon. The song is dedicated to Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker and features beautiful cutscenes from the game. The music fits as the Moon has been confirmed as a location in the upcoming expansion.


Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will release on December 7, and Square Enix has been preparing by making changes to avoid server congestion. Servers have been optimised with higher login caps to mitigate queue times, but new worlds cannot be added before the content releases.

Square Enix admits that this means there will be a “high likelihood of congestion that will result in Worlds reaching maximum login capacity and lengthy wait times when logging in” for Final Fantasy 14 servers. The developers also said they would “would like to apologise for making this sort of announcement at a time when many of you are looking forward to the expansion, as well as for inconveniences that may be caused by congestion.”

To ensure that there will be as little noticeable friction when Endwalker launches, Square Enix has taken steps including “matching servers with higher-performance machines, optimising processes, increasing processing speeds, and raising the number of simultaneous logins.”

Those who have purchased the full version of Final Fantasy 14 will be prioritised over free trial users. “This allows us to prioritise our paying customers and will mean longer wait times for Free Trial users,” says Square Enix.

In other news, EA DICE has revealed that a new Santa skin will be coming to Battlefield 2042, but fans aren’t happy. The Legendary Father Winter skin for the specialist Pyotr Boris Guskovsky was revealed earlier than intended.

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