‘Final Fantasy 14’ fan plays Archer using a toy bow and arrow controller

"There was an unhealthy amount of time I spent searching the floor for used arrows"

A Final Fantasy 14 fan has invented a controller that lets him play as an Archer in the MMO, using a modified toy bow and arrow.

Taking to Twitter (via PCGamesN), Super Louis 64 has demonstrated how he has created a way to control his Archer character in Final Fantasy 14 using a modified toy bow and arrow set.

“The idea is really simple: taking the arrow off the quiver tells the board what ability you are going to use. The board does math to determine if you shot the arrow and once you do it tells [Final Fantasy 14] “hey they fired [this] ability”,” explained Louis.


Louis has shared a video explaining the process – and end result – on YouTube, which you can watch below:

The controller setup worked by using Arduino with “touch sensors and a gyroscope,” and Louis added that he was able to detect the force of the arrow being fired with some extra code.

As you’d likely be able to guess, using a real-world bow and arrow setup wasn’t the most practical way to play. Louis lamented having to scurry to pick up every arrow he fired whenever his quiver would run dry. Louis joked that “there was an unhealthy amount of time I spent searching the floor for used arrows,” and a brief clip on Twitter shows Louis accidentally punching himself in the face when trying to fire his bow.

“Overall, I love this build and it won’t be the last we see it,” concluded Louis, who teased that he’s already moving into his next controller.

Last year, Louis used an Xbox Kinect to play the Dancer job in Final Fantasy 14.


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