‘Final Fantasy 14’ finally launches Oceania data centre

The Data Centre release marks the first of a plan to expand the global server capacity

Square Enix has announced that the long-awaited Oceania data Centre has officially launched in Final Fantasy 14.

Releasing alongside patch 6.08, the Oceania data Centre ‘Final Fantasy 14’ finally launches Oceania data centre is to support a smoother play experience for all in the Oceania region and marks the first in a plan to expand the global server capacity, as well as combat congestion. The Data Centre will be accessible for new character creation, with Home World Transfers being permitted from January 26.

Five Worlds will be available at this time, with all Worlds being designated as “New Worlds”, meaning players who transfer to or create new characters on them will receive special bonuses, including:

  • Free Home World Transfer for players transferring from another World
  • Double EXP for both newly created and transferred characters (up to Level 80)
  • Gold and Silver Chocobo Feathers exchangeable for special in-game rewards
  • And more

Credit: Square Enix

To celebrate the release of the new Data Centre, the developer has released a new map of Australia and New Zealand in the style of the in-game world map. A desktop wallpaper version of the map is available to download here.

Starting today (January 25), Final Fantasy 14 will also go back on sale due to the opening of the new Data Centre. However, new registrations for the free trial will remain suspended and the situation will be monitored to identify a time when registrations can be reopened.

Elsewhere, Final Fantasy 14‘s All Saints’ Wake event is currently taking place and will run through to February 2. During this event, players will be able to undergo a new spooky quest and obtain a clown outfit, along with Halloween-themed furnishings.

In other news, Final Fantasy 14‘s director and producer Naoki Yoshida has said he wants to work on the MMO for another decade.

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