‘Final Fantasy 14’ Island Sanctuary and 6.18 details have been revealed

Players can expect new MSQ, a 'Stardew Valley'-like Island Sanctuary experience and a late August release

Square Enix has finally shared the details of what players can expect in the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2.

During the latest Live Letter 71 broadcast yesterday (July 1), director and producer Naoki Yoshida and his team unveiled the finer details of the highly anticipated patch, as well as the Island Sanctuary feature.

It’s been confirmed that players can expect the update – dubbed Buried Memory – to drop in late August. However, the pre-patch 6.18 will arrive this week on July 5 and will include new, previously announced worlds and Data Centre Travel.


As for the actual contents of the major patch, 6.2 will continue on with its new Main Scenario quests, as well as new sidequests for Tataru’s Grand Endeavor.

Island Sanctuary development screenshot featuring the island and the size of a playable character. Credit: Square Enix

Island Sanctuary, which has been in the works for a while and prior to the release of Endwalker in December, is a new game mode in a sense. It will allow players to build and own their own island where they will be able to farm, take care of animals, and enjoy a more casual solo experience.

They’ll also be able to build facilities, craft, gather items in the environment, grow crops and let loose their collection of Minions to roam free on the island. Handicrafts are a new type of crafting item that will let players create and sell them off for a new currency exclusive to the island.

Yoshida also confirmed that players will be able to invite each other to their respective islands. Additional details will follow in a patch 6.2 Live Letter.

Alongside the two major announcements, a new dungeon named The Fell Court of Troia, a secret Trial, and two new Savage raids – Pandaemonium: Abyssos and Abyssos – will also be added.


Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

Variant Dungeons is another new content update. As per the name, these are variant difficulty instances that will be accessible to level 90 players, feature no role restrictions and the route of progression will be based on the players’ actions. The first is called The Sil’dihn Subterrane.

The broadcast also featured some other miscellaneous updates as well, but it’s worth noting that Adventure Plates and Portraits will be patched, new Allagan Tomestones of Casualty will be added and glamour dresser slots will be upgraded from 400 to 800 after a long wait.

In other news, Spain is looking to tighten up loot box regulations.

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