‘Final Fantasy 14’ login congestion addressed ahead of ‘Endwalker’

It looks like login times are going to be affected for some

Square Enix has addressed potential login congestion that may occur when Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker releases on December 7.

As outlined in an official blog post, whilst servers have been optimised to account for a higher login cap when Endwalker drops, new Worlds are unable to be added before the content actually releases.

This means that Final Fantasy 14 will have a “high likelihood of congestion that will result in Worlds reaching maximum login capacity and lengthy wait times when logging in”. With Square Enix adding that it “would like to apologise for making this sort of announcement at a time when many of you are looking forward to the expansion, as well as for inconveniences that may be caused by congestion.”


“Every other measure that was possible” has been added to account for a much higher number of logins, which includes “matching servers with higher-performance machines, optimising processes, increasing processing speeds, and rasing the number of simultaneous logins.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Credit: Square Enix

The post also addresses some other issues that may arise in Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker when it releases, namely around long wait times. Square Enix state that whilst it may not look like the login queue is counting down as players wait, the process is still “functioning”. If players leave the queue at any point they will be sent to the back.

Those with the full version of the game will also be prioritised for logging in over free users. “This allows us to prioritize our paying customers and will mean longer wait times for Free Trial users,” says Square Enix.

Update 5.57 has also allowed players to log in to less-crowded worlds whilst connected to their same data centre, meaning main scenario quests cans till be completed, whilst other features will be disabled. You can learn more about how to visit another world here.


In other news, a new DLC for Dead Cells titled The Queen and the Sea is dropping in early 2022, and it features new biomes, a new endgame boss, and even a new ending.

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