‘Final Fantasy 14’ modder turns plushie into mount controller

He was feline creative

A Final Fantasy 14 player has modded a Fat Cat plushie in order to turn it into a controller for Final Fantasy 14.

As spotted by PCGamesN, YouTuber SuperLouis64 has modified the plushie so that it now calls his Fat Cat mount in-game when he sits on it.

In a video explaining the build, he says: “In the year 2021 I turned my but into a controller for 14”.


For the build, he used an Arduino Micro board to host the programme which allows him to get on and off of his mount. He then used a Touch Senor and PIR sensor to detect when pressure is put on the plush. This then sends a signal to perform the key-bind in-game to get on and off the Fat Cat.

SuperLouis admits himself that it’s not the most complex build in the world, with the description reading “I invented the most useless FFXIV controller: The Fat Cat Giant Cushion Controller. Sit on the Controller and it summons the fatter cat mount. That’s literally it.”

Recently, SuperLouis was able to play the MMORPG using a Nintendo Switch Ring Fit.

In a new interview with GamesRadar, SuperLouis64 said that he was able to create a system where his leg-strap joycon could detect him when he was running or squatting. “When it knows the user is running, it unlocks the joystick so the user can move in-game,” he said. “For the charity event, it pushes the joystick forward whenever I run IRL. The charity event itself has me literally running across Eorzea with this set-up. Sort of like a marathon but in the game instead.”


In other news, Sledgehammer Games is investigating widespread reports of Call of Duty: Vanguard crashing.

According to VGC, the problems started shortly after the launch of Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone‘s new ‘Secrets of the Pacific’ event. Because of the issues, Sledgehammer Games has temporarily disabled the event.