‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.01 adds new raid, gear, and more

Players must be level 90 to unlock the new raid

Final Fantasy 14’s patch 6.01 is officially live and introduces brand new content including an eight-player raid.

Patch 6.01 is the first update post-Endwalker launch and now features a new series of quests that will lead players to a new raid called Pandaemonium. The first part of the raid series is called Pandaemonium: Asphodelos and will revolve around certain Ascian characters from the game’s lore.

To unlock Pandaemonium, players must be level 90 and have completed the Chronicles of a New Era quest “The Crystal from Beyond.” They’ll also need to be an average item level of 565 or above.


Treasure coffers that appear upon completing Pandaemonium: Asphodelos will not offer gear, but instead offer tokens that can be traded for gear pieces of the player’s choosing. Players can only receive one token per circle of the raid each week, with the weekly reset being on Tuesday.

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

However, upon completing Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle, players can also earn an unsung blade of Asphodelos once per week, which can be exchanged for tomestones, and then weapons.

In addition, brand new gear has also been added for each Final Fantasy 14 Job, and new weapons will be added during Patch 6.05 in January. Various miscellaneous items have also been patched in, such as Minions, achievements, trophies for PS5, music, housing orchestration rolls, new Triple Triad Cards for the Manderville Gold Saucer, and more. Players can also use the Character Renaming Service even though servers may still be congested.

A plethora of issues have also been resolved, including features for Jobs, crafting, NPCs, and more. The full list of changes can be viewed on the Final Fantasy 14 Lodestone.


In other news, following the launch of Endwalker, the MMO has broken its Steam concurrent player record.

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