‘Final Fantasy 14’ patch 6.1 buffs Dark Knight, Samurai, and more

Patch 6.1 - titled 'Newfound Adventure' - is available now

Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.1 has finally been released, introducing big changes to multiple Jobs.

Dubbed Newfound Adventure, this patch introduces massive updates including new story content, raids, dungeons, PvP content, and more. As 6.1 is the biggest update since the release of the Endwalker expansion, Square Enix has gone all out and also introduced Job adjustments.

Almost every single Job has been affected with patch 6.1 including White Mage, Samurai, and Ninja, as well as the latest classes to join the MMO – Reaper and Sage.


Most notably, it looks like the developer has paid close attention to Dark Knight which has received changes to several of its main abilities, including Blood Weapon. This action now grants five stacks of the Blood Weapon effect, with the duration now being increased from 10 to 15 seconds.

A player faces down a giant boss holding a golden hammer
Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

Additionally, Stalwart Soul – an ability that is acquired at level 72 – is now unlockable at level 40, a significant and welcome change for those starting out with the Dark Knight Job.

On the melee DPS side, Samurai has also been buffed, with Hakaze’s potency receiving an increase from 180 to 200, and Jinpu which has been increased from 100 to 120. The level 30 action, Higanbana, has also been adjusted, with its damage over time potency being increased from 30 to 45.

Healers have also appeared to have been heavily adjusted, with the majority of White Mage’s abilities being adjusted in favour of saving MP. Scholar also has similar changes. The full patch notes can be found on the official Final Fantasy 14 website.

As previously mentioned, in Newfound Adventure, players can expect brand new main scenario quests that follow the events of Endwalker, as well as the much-anticipated Alliance raid, Myths of the Realm, Part One: Aglaia which will feature boss fights based on the Twelve gods.


In other news, the first two Elder Scrolls games are coming to Steam for the first time.

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