‘Final Fantasy 14’ will start demolishing player-owned houses again

Homes under the hammer

Square Enix has announced that the automatic demolition counter in Final Fantasy 14 will be making a return, something that destroys player-owned houses if their owners haven’t been active.

A blog posted yesterday (February 15) has confirmed that automatic demolitions will resume in Final Fantasy 14 from March 9 (thanks, PCGamesN).

Prior to this, automatic demolitions were disabled in December 2021 due to server issues surrounding the launch of Endwalker.


Automatic demolitions mean that if a player hasn’t visited their estate in a certain amount of time, their home will be reset and the plot will go back up for sale.

For anyone who’s been active around their estate “at least once” during the suspension period, their inactivity timer will only begin from the top on March 9. However, anyone who hasn’t visited their estate during this time will have their timer resume from whatever time it had left as of December 6.

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. Credit: Square Enix

Anyone at risk of having their estate demolished will receive an email warning from Square Enix, however the company “strongly suggest[s] those players log in and enter their estate before the automatic demolition timer is resumed on Wednesday, March 9.”

In-game, a timer will warn players how many days they have left until the automatic demolition occurs. That being said, there’s no exact time on display, so Square Enix recommends that players re-visit their estate “well before the scheduled date for the automatic demolition.”

In other Final Fantasy 14 news, it’s been confirmed that the MMO will receive more Deep Dungeons with its upcoming series of 6.0 patches. Unlike other dungeons and raid content in the game, Deep Dungeons are rogue-like areas with their own levelling system.


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