‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ mod puts the chair in Chaireth

Chaireth lives

A modder has made it so that Aerith can once again wield her metal chair, becoming Chaireth, in Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake hasn’t even been on PC for a week yet and modders have already gotten stuck into making mods for the game. Some helpful mods include reducing stuttering and FPS improvement, and enhanced HDR lighting effects. Sillier mods include the ability to wield Scarlet, the Shinra villain, as a weapon.

However, there’s now a new mod available. Titled Chaireth, it lets Aerith wield her metal chair as a weapon.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod. Credit: Crandif/ Square Enix.

When the game launched, there was a scene that fans immediately latched onto where Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith find themselves in Don Corneo’s place, and Aerith smacks a henchman with a metal chair, WWE style.

It really helped cement that kind of character she is, and helped fans fall in love with her again. Thanks to the appropriately titled ‘Chaireth’ mod, you can now smack any of the villains in the game with a chair. Well, in theory.

The mod replaces all of Aerith’s weapons with the chair, and considering all of her attacks are magic focused, you won’t actually be able to physically hit anyone. But it does mean you can carry around some of that violent energy Aerith harbours around with her.

Some of the earliest mods to pop up for Final Fantasy 7 Remake include the ability to change Aerith and Tifa into the other outfits they can wear. You can also change Cloud to wear any of his dresses, or to wear Zack’s armour.


In other news, Gearbox Entertainment’s parent company Embracer Group has acquired Dark Horse, the comics publisher best known for Hellboy.

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