‘Final Fantasy V’ and ‘VI’ to be removed from Steam next month

Both old versions will be replaced by the new pixelated remasters

Square Enix will remove Final Fantasy V and VI from Steam next month, which will be replaced by the upcoming Pixel Remasters.

A note for both games on their respective Steam pages (which are both labelled as the ‘old version‘) reads that they will “no longer be available for purchase after July 27, 2021.”

Instead, users are advised to “please purchase the pixelated remaster version”. It does not specify whether the new version will arrive as soon as the old version has been delisted, as the note only mentions that these are “coming soon”.


Square Enix first announced the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series via a short teaser from its E3 showcase. Announced for Steam and mobile, the individual re-releases include the first six Final Fantasy titles, which have had their pixel art fully remastered by Kazuko Shibuya, the series’ original pixel artist.

While the new versions are expected to release individually over time in chronological order, a leaked presentation shared by Gematsu indicates that the Pixel Remaster series will begin releasing in July.

On the subject of classic Square Enix franchises, it was recently announced that a new console title in the Mana series is in development. This was confirmed during the series’ 30th anniversary livestream.

This follows the remastered release of Legend Of Mana. In NME’s three-star review, Jon Bailes said “its open structure and focus on vignettes over epic adventure are brave decisions and a clever departure from tradition, while the visual overhaul in this remaster gives it a modern sharpness”.


Elsewhere, Giles Goddard, co-programmer of the original Star Fox, has said that he would like to work on a back to basics version.

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