‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ part two will have Cloud explore the world

"Our next challenge will be to create gameplay that leverages the vastness of the world"

Final Fantasy VII Remake part two will reportedly feature gameplay that “leverages the vastness of the world”.

In a new interview with IGN, while talking about the launch of Intergrade and Episode Intermission, co-director Naoki Hamaguchi spoke about what Final Fantasy VII fans can expect from part two.

Talking about how he’s happy with how the first game made players feel, Hamaguchi also mentioned what changes will be implemented moving forward with part two.


“…Because the next installment will involve Cloud and company to leave Midgar and explore the world map,” Hamaguchi said, “our next challenge will be to create gameplay that leverages the vastness of the world, unlike what we did in this current title.”

After the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode Intermission DLC, the end credits revealed a brand new ending to the base game and teased what players can expect from the upcoming part of the saga.

Director Tetsuya Nomura has previously stated that FF7R part two will take place directly after the events of Intermission and will find Cloud running around in the wild, with a different atmosphere.

In February, Nomura confirmed that he will not be directing the next installment in the Remake saga due to him working on an “unprecedented number of projects”.


The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games have also received a release date of July 28. Fans will be able to but the whole collection for £70, or individually for prices ranging between prices ranging from £8.99 to £12.99.

In other news, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Alan Wake Remastered were recently leaked on the Epic Games Store.