‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Dancer Job can be played on the Xbox Kinect

That's one way to complete Standard Step

Someone has demonstrated how you can use an Xbox Kinect to play the Final Fantasy XIV Dancer Job, and it seems to work really well.

Louis ‘Super Louis 64’ Hamilton, a content creator and Final Fantasy XIV player best known for thinking up creative ways to play the game, recently shared his latest idea on Twitter which saw him playing the Dancer Job using an Xbox Kinect (thanks, PCGamesN).

The video shows Super Louis 64 hooked up to a Kinect and using the motion control technology of the device to play the game as a Dancer. By physically dancing, Louis is able to execute certain abilities, showing in the video that he has to follow the Job’s ‘Standard Step’ opening rotation accurately to complete the dance.


Super Louis 64 is currently in the process of creating a full-length video which can be found on his YouTube channel once it’s finished.

This isn’t the first time Louis has shown off his Final Fantasy XIV skills using unusual methods. Earlier this month, the content creator decided to mod a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel disk to function as a controller for the game, and it actually worked.

Super Louis 64 showed off how a duel disk can be combined with a mouse and keyboard whilst doing an in-game duty, explaining that it took “weeks of work to get this to work” and it “was well worth it.”

In other news, Naughty Dog has stated The Last Of Us Part 2‘s multiplayer mode will be out “when it’s ready”.

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