‘Final Fantasy XIV’ digital copies “sold out” after surge in popularity

Character creation is also disabled in North American data centres

A sudden surge in popularity has meant that Final Fantasy XIV is no longer available on some digital stores, and players can no longer create new characters on North American servers.

People looking to purchase a digital copy of Final Fantasy XIV have been met with an error message informing them that the game is out of stock. Fans on Twitter have since speculated that this could be to prevent servers from overloading.


Although comments on Reddit implied some servers had been freed up, Final Fantasy XIV remains in a state of flux, with digital copies currently difficult to get hold of. Occasionally server spaces will appear, only for them to disappear moments later.

An “out of stock” message for a digital game can mean that the game ran out of digital codes, or that the developers are trying to reduce the number of new players during a surge. It is not yet clear which of these is the cause of Final Fantasy XIV’s issues.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has been reported to have experienced a massive increase in pre-orders compared to the previous expansion. Anticipation for this new DLC may have driven up the player count significantly.

According to the most recent Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter broadcast (July 10), Endwalker has apparently received a 160-180 per cent increase in pre-orders compared to the previous Shadowbringers expansion.

The MMORPG has been growing fast over the past year, ever since Square Enix allowed new players to experience the game with a free trial up until level 60, which includes over 100 hours of content as well as the critically acclaimed Heavensward expansion.


Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will launch on November 23, and will feature a brand new playable race along with two new jobs.

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