‘Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’ is receiving a large increase in pre-orders

Endwalker is set to launch in November

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is reportedly experiencing a massive increase in pre-orders, compared to the previous expansion.

According to the most recent Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter broadcast (July 10), Endwalker has apparently received a 160-180 per cent increase in pre-orders compared to the previous Shadowbringers expansion.

As the broadcast was in Japanese, Final Fantasy XIV fans took to the official discord channel for the game to translate what is said to English.


The translation, which was then posted to Resetera, features the words of game director Naoki Yoshida who noted in the introduction of that stream that the “player numbers are growing quickly”.

Yoshida’s translated words read: “If you want to be able to play early access, make sure to pre-order! We have a lot of pre-orders, 160-180% more compared to Shadowbringers.”

The discord post also explains that the developers plan on a “multi-million investment in the server infrastructure because the player numbers are growing so quickly.” However, this will not make it in time for the 6.0 patch (Endwalker release date).

The MMORPG has been growing incredibly over the past year ever since Square Enix allowed new players to experience the game with a free trial up until level 60, which includes over 100 hours of content as well as the critically acclaimed Heavensward expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will launch on November 23, later this year and will feature a brand new playable race along with two new Jobs.


Final Fantasy XIV recently beat its concurrent player record on Steam after streamer Asmongold played the game for the first time. The game hit a player count of 47,542, an increase on its previous record of 41,200 which was set back in June 2020.

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