‘Final Fantasy XIV’ may be getting an official cookbook

Hopefully no roast Chocobo in sight

Reports suggest that a Final Fantasy XIV cookbook might be on its way with a listing for The Ultimate Final Fantasy 14 Cookbook featuring briefly on the Simon & Schuster website.

Originally spotted by well-known tipster Wario64 on Twitter, the Final Fantasy XIV-themed cookbook is expected to offer “stunning photography and step-by-step instructions” as readers are taken through a “culinary adventure through one of gaming’s most beloved franchises”.

Wario64 snapped some screenshots of the full listing before the book publisher altered the page to refer to it as a “licensed video game cookbook”. Via the screenshots, we’re able to see that the book will launch on November 9, 2021 and will retail for roughly $35 in the USA (about £25 in the UK). For the price, expect 192 pages and more than 70 recipes.


There’s no insight yet into exactly what the recipes entail but the now-deleted description does mention that fans can “start their day with Farmer’s breakfast” and that they’ll also savour the “Knight’s Bread of Coerthas” as well as “La Noscea’s Rolanberry Cheesecake” amongst many others.

Meals in Final Fantasy XIV are an important addition with the Culinarian class meaning players can cook up ideas that temporarily increase experience gain and buff other stats for fellow players for a short time, so, presumably, Square Enix is keen to tap into that goodwill just in time for the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion pack Endwalker to launch in November.

The potential for a Final Fantasy XIV cookbook follows the recent news that Final Fantasy XIV has beaten its concurrent player count and seems to be going from strength to strength.

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