‘Final Fantasy XIV’ passes concurrent player Steam record once again

EU servers are reaching full capacity

Final Fantasy XIV has surpassed its Steam concurrent player record once again, while EU servers are reaching full capacity.

As detailed by SteamDB, the MMORPG has peaked at 67,148 players on Steam as of writing, beating its previous concurrent player record of 47,542 which was reported earlier this month.

This is a massive increase in players over such a short time and the player count only seems to be growing.


As spotted by PCGamesN, over the weekend (July 18), players took to the FFXIV Reddit to  share how they couldn’t play on European servers as they were overcrowded.

In fact, every single EU data centre and server at the time were at full capacity, meaning new players couldn’t create a single new character anywhere. Currently, only two servers are currently free to create new characters, but the situation may change.

Well, looks like EU is full to the brim maybe consider adding a few worlds after the recent surge from ffxiv

Additionally, it seems that free trial users are having trouble accessing the game due to its popularity, however digital versions of Final Fantasy XIV are still currently available on Square Enix’s European store.

Last week (July 12) the game was no longer available to purchase on Square Enix’s US digital store and players were unable to create new characters on North American servers.

World Of Warcraft streamer Asmongold recently began playing the game for the first time on his Twitch channel, peaking at over 200k viewers on his first stream. This seems to be one of the main reasons why the MMORPG has received such a large increase in player numbers.


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is set to launch in November and game director Naoki Yoshida even recently came out and said that it is experiencing a massive increase in pre-orders compared to the previous expansion.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XIV may be getting an official cookbook.

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