‘Final Fantasy XIV’ player uses Ring Fit to travel across Eorzea

SuperLouis64 is walking across Eorzea for charity

One Final Fantasy XIV player was able to play the MMORPG using a Nintendo Switch Ring Fit.

SuperLouis64, who is known to use unusual methods to play Final Fantasy XIV with his controller modding talents, has now utilised a Ring Fit to travel across the in-game world of Eorzea for a charity event.

Revealing his new idea on Twitter, SuperLouis64 shared a video of his new method working in-game while he walks bath and forth on one spot with the Ring Fit attached and it seems to work really well.


The footage shows his character walking around Eorzea in-game while squatting in real life can make his Dark Knight execute certain abilities.

In a new interview with GamesRadar, SuperLouis64 said that he was able to create a system where his leg-strap joycon could detect him when he was running or squatting. “When it knows the user is running, it unlocks the joystick so the user can move in-game,” he said. “For the charity event, it pushes the joystick forward whenever I run IRL. The charity event itself has me literally running across Eorzea with this set-up. Sort of like a marathon but in the game instead.”

The modder mentioned that he has done this before but in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild but will be using his viewer’s ability to donate to either speed him up or slow him down while running. The charity event will take place today (October 16).

SuperLouis64 previously released a YouTube showing how you can use an Xbox Kinect to play Final Fantasy XIV‘s Dancer Job.


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