‘Final Fantasy XIV’ second new job revealed as Reaper

Fans have speculated what the next job could be

During the Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival, the second newest job to arrive with the upcoming Endwalker expansion was revealed.

Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy XIV, took to the stage during the keynote presentation to announce that the newest class to join the popular MMO will be Reaper.

Reaper is a Melee DPS class that uses a two-handed Scythe and players will be able to use the weapon for “dynamic close-quarter combat”.


Like other jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, Reaper will have its own unique abilities. The player will be able to call upon an avatar from the void to join the battle, as well as serve as a host for their avatar.

Yoshida and his team also presented brand new in-game footage of the Reaper in action, showing off its abilities, unique animations and outfit. The director himself took to the stage, in traditional Fan Festival fashion, in a full Reaper cosplay as well.

Players looking to play the newest class will need to complete the main scenario quests from the previous Final Fantasy XIV expansions, as well as reach level 80. Job quests are planned to start in the in-game city of Ul’dah when the Endwalker launches.

In February, Square Enix revealed the Healer job called Sage, which will also be joining the game when Endwalker launches in November.


During the showcase, Yoshida also revealed a brand new extended trailer for the next expansion, as well as announcing the much requested Male Viera playable race.

The Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival will run from May 15 to May 16 and, unlike previous Fan Festivals, players across the world will be able to watch online for free.

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