‘Final Fantasy XVI’ may be skipping Tokyo Game Show 2021

Producer Naoki Yoshida wants the next re-reveal to convince people to get the game as soon as they see it

According to Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida, there may not be an update ready for the game in time for Tokyo Game Show 2021.

While the Letter From The Producer event earlier today (July 10) is meant to be focused on all things Final Fantasy XIV, Yoshida briefly touched on the topic of Final Fantasy XVI.

As reported in Nova Crystallis, the game’s main scenario writing has been completed and recording for the English voice-over is almost finished.


Yoshida however said that the team doesn’t want to drip-feed information and instead, he wants the next time Final Fantasy XVI is revealed to convince people to get the game as soon as they see it.

This is likely to address criticisms of the lack of polish in the visuals for the game’s initial reveal last year, where the team opted to present the game with a trailer using only in-game graphics rather than cinematics.

However, in order to polish up Final Fantasy XVI for its re-reveal, Yoshida also noted that it’s likely that it will skip Tokyo Game Show in September, although the team is trying to get it into a playable state by then.

While Final Fantasy XVI was completely absent at this year’s E3, publisher Square Enix nonetheless had plenty of other announcements for the Final Fantasy franchise this year.


A new action-RPG spin-off Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was revealed, developed by Nioh‘s Team Ninja, which is loosely based on the very first game in the franchise.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is also a re-release of the first six Final Fantasy titles, with the first three of these coming to Steam and mobile on July 28.

Meanwhile, lapsed Final Fantasy XIV players can now return to Eorzea for free for up to 14 days, the perfect time to catch up with the MMO ahead of the Endwalker expansion releasing in November.