‘Final Fantasy XVI”s vocals and facial capture may be British English


A brief mention on the Washagana TV show has suggested that Final Fantasy XVI‘s vocals have been originally recorded in English first with Japanese recordings to follow in the coming weeks.

First spotted on Twitter by @ash_mann1021, it was noted that Final Fantasy XVI‘s producer, Naoki Yoshida, made the reference. On the TV show, he stated that Final Fantasy XVI vocal recordings were done with “performance capture on the English end”.


That means that the game’s motion capture was done with English in mind with the Twitter account stating that Yoshida had specifically mentioned he wanted to use “British English” as the focus with full facial captures relating to the voices. The suggestion is that Japanese recordings will be done in the coming weeks.

Previously, many other Square Enix games have featured Japanese audio originally with dubbing over with English, so this would mark a significant shift in terms of the focus for voice acting.

The news follows other games focusing on voice work differently such as the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut which will include Japanese lip-sync amongst improved load times, 4K resolution options, and 60 frames per second.

News regarding Final Fantasy XVI has been relatively quiet with the latest announcement stating that there may not be an update in time for Tokyo Game Show 2021 later this year. At the time, Yoshida explained that he didn’t want the team to drip-feed information, preferring a big reveal.

Elsewhere, it’s been a busy time for the Final Fantasy franchise with Final Fantasy XIV regularly beating its concurrent player Steam record and the announcement that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will launch July 28.