‘Fire Emblem Engage’ sees the return of the franchise’s old heroes

The latest installment of the 'Fire Emblem' series, titled 'Fire Emblem Engage', is set to release in January of next year

The latest installment of the Fire Emblem series, titled Fire Emblem Engage, is set to release in January of next year.

Announced during today’s (September 13) Nintendo Direct, Fire Emblem Engage sees fan-favourite characters Marth & Celica returning alongside a new cast of characters. Nintendo has announced that the game will release on January 20th, 2023.


The player takes on the role of Alear, who is a Divine Dragon, a member of a Royal family of dragons.

Engage takes place on the continent of Elyos, which once faced a fierce battle against the Fell Dragon. Life has been peaceful since then, but as the game trailer ominously predicts, the seal on the great evil is weakening.

Details about Fire Emblem Engage were rumoured ahead of the Direct, when details were shared about the main character and the Emblem mechanic – which allows players to summon past heroes from the Fire Emblem franchise.

Emblem was reportedly originally intended to celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary, and had been finished for “over a year” at the time of the leak back in June this year.

The game’s January 2023 release date will see the game launching shortly before another game in the franchise, Fire Emblem Fates, leaves the eShop in February. The game’s removal comes as Nintendo begins shutting down the 3DS and WiiU digital storefronts.