Footage of internal ‘Battlefield 6’ trailer surfaces online

The footage comes with an epilepsy warning

A Battlefield 6 trailer meant for internal use at EA Dice has leaked online.

The clip is available to watch on the Battlefield subreddit, though the upload contains many dropped frames and as such flashes rapidly, so comes with an epilepsy warning. It’s emblazoned with the same “lol face” watermark as previous leaks

The trailer shows an assault on a tropical island, in a near-future setting. A rocket launch begins but goes catastrophically wrong, before the debris collapses onto the attacking soldiers and the trailer cuts to the word “Battlefield”.


Eurogamer has reported that the video was by EA for internal use only, and the uploaders watermark is used to cover the actual developer’s watermark, which would be used to identify who leaked the footage.

They also believe that the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer will be different to the one that has been shared online, due to its nature as an internal use document.

The footage contains scenes seen in a previous leak of images that showed off the tropical island setting, quadrupedal drones, and a rocket launch. These also matched previous images which Battlefield reporter Tom Henderson has confirmed are authentic.

Earlier this year EA confirmed that Criterion Games would be lending a hand to the developers at EA DICE in order to get Battlefield 6 complete, after Laura Miele, chief studios officer, reported that the DICE team “is fatigued a bit” after a year of “working incredibly hard” from home, due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Battlefield V is currently available for free on PS4 and PS5 as part of Sony’s PS Plus offerings for the month of May.

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