Frogwares officially announces ‘Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One’

It’s the prequel to their long-running ‘Sherlock Holmes’ series

Developer Frogwares has announced that its next game, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, will be an open-world exploration of the early exploits of the game’s titular character.

Announced through an exclusive reveal with GameSpot, Frogwares detailed the upcoming game which will release on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC sometime next year. A firm release date was not announced.

The game will serve as an origin story for the famous detective and is a prequel to the studio’s previous Sherlock Holmes games, which began with 2002’s The Mystery Of The Mummy. The most recent entry in the franchise is 2016’s The Devil’s Daughter.


Watch the trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One below.

In Chapter One, players control a 21-year-old Holmes who returns to his Mediterranean hometown just after the events of his mother’s death. As he is reintroduced to life on the island, he and his companion, Jonathan, will begin to unravel the town’s deepest, darkest secrets and a major conspiracy at play.

“What we want to do with Chapter One is that we want to explore this other side of the character, and how he became the great detective that we know,” Frogwares producer and community manager Sergey Oganesyan said. “Our version of Sherlock is not a traditional character. He has this raw talent [for discovering the truth] that’s sort of untamed. He’s more arrogant, and much more volatile in this game compared to [other] versions.”

Oganesyan added that Holmes will experience things in the game that will have a deep impact on his character and his future. “Our goal is to show the events that will shape Sherlock as a great detective,” he said.

Oganesyan also noted that the current COVID-19 pandemic has created some challenges in the development of the game, which has now been in development for over a year. He also confirmed that despite the pandemic, the game is still on track for a 2021 release on current- and next-gen consoles and PC.


Other games that have been announced for next-gen consoles include Scarlet Nexus, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and Call Of Duty: Warzone.

Frogwares will be self-publishing Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, much like 2019’s The Sinking City. That title follows a private investigator who arrives in the city of Oakmont, Massachusetts, which suffers from unprecedented floods of supernatural phenomena.