‘Fortnite’ adds new ‘Fortnite Impostors’ mode, playable now

Something fishy's going on in Fortnite

Epic Games has snuck out a brand new game mode for its hit battle royale title Fortnite, with Fortnite Impostors live in the game now.

The new mode is set within the growing narrative background of the Fortnite universe, and sees players either as an Agent working for the “Imagined Order”, or an Impostor working to sabotage the organisation.

Described as “a highly social, high-fidelity mode for a maximum of ten players”, Impostors will see eight players working together as Agents to protect and maintain The Bridge, a never-before-seen map, while the other two work as the fish-like Impostors to seize it for themselves.


A CGI trailer for the mode has also been released, which you can watch below.

The mode seems heavily influenced by indie hit Among Us, with players serving as Agents being given “Assignments” – including “repairing the Battle Bus or calibrating llamas” – to complete in order to secure victory for the Imagined Order, with Impostors undermining their efforts by “disabling tasks, teleporting players, or throwing a Peely Party”, where everyone looks like Peely, sowing confusion.

Players can also call “Discussions”, which allow information to be shared through emotes and quick chat, followed by votes on whether to eject players suspected of being an Impostor – another similarity to Among Us.

Over in the the game’s core battle royale mode, Epic recently further established Fortnite’s island as the site for an endless superhero crossover, with the addition of Marvel’s Gamora and DC’s Clark Kent and Superman to the game.


Elsewhere, publisher 3D Realms has announced Cultic, a new shooter that aims to combine retro aesthetics with modern, speedy gameplay mechanics.